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Excellent Solution For Erectile Dysfunction in India- Natural Penile Implantation

What is a penile implant?   

A penile implant is a surgical procedure to provide erection to the men’s penis during intercourse. Basically, penile implant is for those who are unable to do sex or enjoy sexual life due to some problem with their penis. Men feel ashamed to discuss with somebody about this problem. But now, it’s time to share your problem with us. So, that we can provide you best solution. In Penile transplant, a special device placed into a Peron’s penis.When all treatments get failed, then penile implant works. Natural Penile Implantation is clinic, who brings great solution for your Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problem. 

Penile Transplant is surgical procedure, don’t be scared of this. It is same day surgery process. Generally, there are two types of penile implants, semi rigid and inflatable. Both type of penile transplant has their own benefits.  ED is successfully treated with the use of penis pump. You tried all the possible methods for ED, then you must go for Penile Implant offered by Natural Penile Implantation.

Penile Implant is considered in several cases like scarring inside the penis, leading to curved, painful erections. It is special kind of treatment that not suggested to everyone. If you are suffering from any sexual disorder, you must come to our clinic and take the advice of our professional penile implant doctors.

What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

It is a consistent disability of a man to have erected penis for the complete satisfaction and enjoyment of the intercourse. Men facing this problem, due to shyness, do not feel comfortable talking or discussing with others. This problem affects the physical and psychosocial health of the sufferer. To solve this problem, the best option today available is Penile Implant. The demand for this treatment is increasing as men’s expectations continuously increase.

Our Excellent Services We are Offering

Penile Implant Transplant

Penile Implant is excellent and successful treatment for those who are unable to enjoy their sexual life. For this reason, your partner is not happy with you. Natural Penile Implantation is providing best, cost-effective and guarantee results. Furthermore, this implant is not an easy task. So, only experienced and well qualified doctors can perform penile implant successfully. So, choose only expert doctors. If you are also searching for penile implant, then you are at right place. Take the advantage of natural penile implant . Penile implant is successful surgical treatment for those who are willing to perform successful intercourse with partner. If someone suffering from, any sexual problem, he should contact our doctor. Thus, we can suggest the best treatment to the patient. Secondly, patient don’t need to worry about the fee. Our treatment is under your budget.

Moreover, in penile implant special care is provided to the patient to protect them from various infections and allergies. We use advance tools and equipment for penile implant procedure. We have team of fully experienced staff, who can deliver best treatment to the patients. We know that men are greatly suffers from ED problem in India. Hence we offers best and effective surgery to our patients.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the disorder of penis, inability to keep erection firm for sexual intercourse. It is also known as Impotence. Mostly, at the of 40 years or above suffers from ED ( Erectile Dysfunction) and people don’t know the solution for this problem. We are the first time in north India, who offers cure for this problem. Natural Penile Implantation is the penile transplant clinic located in north India. Our doctor is considered as best doctor in India for penile implant surgery. Our doctor is fully experienced in penile implant surgery and serving people since last 8 years. In ED condition, men is not able to do satisfactory intercourse with his wife or partner due to week erections. So, we offers surgical treatment to our patients, so they can able to satisfied their partner. We don’t charge any extra fee for this treatment. Get penile transplant at reasonable price.

Furthermore, our doctor performed more than 200 successful penile transplants in India. In India, there are many MBBS doctors, non-allopathic, homeopathic doctors and Ayurvedic doctors who offers cure for ED, but they are professional in this field. If you looking for successful penile transplant, then search for Urologist Erectile dysfunction treatment. Urologist is expert in penile implant.

Type of Penile Implant

Inflatable implants

Inflatable implants is the most common type of penile implant that is used for treating erectile dysfunction of men’s penis. Inflatable devices are used to create proper erection to the penis. Generally, a full fluid-filled reservoir is used under the abdominal wall along with a pump. Also, inside the scrotum section, a release valve is placed, and two inflatable cylinders are placed inside the penis. Thus, this three-piece model works effectively in providing the natural erection and performance to the penis.

Basically, Inflatable implant consists of three pieces:

  • A cylinder in the penis shaft
  • A cylinder pump in the scrotum
  • A fluid reservoir under the wall of your abdomen

In, inflatable implant surgeries all above the mentioned pieces are connected with a tube. The cylinder is placed in the shaft of the piece and another component that is fluid reservoir and the pump in the scrotum into one piece. Hence, the fluid is kept in the pump.

Inflatable implants Surgery-natural penile implantation
semi-rigid implant-natural penile implantation

Semi-Rigid Implant

In, semi-rigid implant, firm semi-rigid rods are used in this type of implant. The penis easily gets twist away from the body during sex time and gets concealed to remain towards the body. Moreover, the semi-rigid device has spring on both ends. Penis easily gets bent upwards and downward as per the requirement. It is best for those men who have limited dexterity.

When we talk about semi-rigid implant the implant is always the same size and stiffness. Here, two flexible rods are fitted into your penis. In semi-rigid implant, mostly penis will be bent downward but you can straighten the penis and push them up for sexual intercourse. Also you get the control over your penis whenever you want erection, you just straighten the rods.

Furthermore, our patient who take our penis implant they declared that semi-rigid implant is more comfortable than inflatable implants. At the last, we want to say that the surgery of semi-rigid implant is little easier than inflatable implant.

Factors to have Penile Implant

Satisfaction Rates of Customers

The satisfaction report that is calculated on the basis of the patient’s experience is 98%. It is an effective and most positive number that is generated against any ED treatment.

Discrete Treatment for ED

Your partner cannot notice that you have done a penile implant, else you tell your partner. It is not noticeable when your penis is flaccid.

Minimal Recovery Time

Every man experiences a different time slot for recovery. However, the general time duration for the recovery is four to six weeks. After the complete recovery, you are ready to enjoy the sex again.

Life Time Result

Natural Penile Implantation gives you best, effective results to men who is suffering from  erectile dysfunction problem.

Insurance Coverage

Different physicians prescribe a penile implant as it is mostly covered by most of the medical insurance providers.


It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of ED problems. Over 10 years of period, most people prefer it as a cost-effective tool.

How Patient Get Prepared for Penile Implant?

Before providing this implant, your doctor should look out for some things to ensure the best outcome of the implant. 

Reviews the Medical History of the Patient

If a patient visits a doctor for a penile implant, the doctor asks all the past and present medical history of the patient. He also asked about the ED problem and what knowledge of penile implant a patient is having. It would be best if you told all of your medical histories that have taken recently, including surgeries and vaccines.  

Do a Physical Examination

To get confirmation that a penile implant is best for your ED problem, the doctor carried out a physical examination of the urological section. The doctor describes the nature of the ED type and suggests the best treatment for that. Doctors also check out the complications that might arise after or during the treatment. 

Proper Discussion 

A patient should discuss all his expectations with the doctor so that the doctor can easily decide and suggest the best way to get rid of erectile dysfunction. 



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