Frequently Asked Questions About Penile Implant Surgery

Is penile implant surgery is safe & natural?

Yes, penile implant surgery is 100% safe and effective transplant for Erectile Dysfunction. Everyhing looks and fell natural after this treatment. For more details contact our profeesional team of Natural penile implantation.

Will I lose penile length with the penile implantation?

No, you will never lose the length of your penile. This treatment is greatly effective for someone who is suffering from sexual disability.

What is the cost of penile implant surgery?

Well, the cost of the surgery depends on the the type of penile transplant you choose. There are three types of transplant available in our clinic. To know about more details, contact us immediately.

Will my penile looks natural after the penile implant surgery?

Yes, your penile looks natural after the penile transplant. Even your partner can not identify that you have penile transplant unless you tell her. 

How penile implantation is beneficial?

Penile transplantation is natural and one of the most successful treatment for those who are suffering from sexual disabilities. Your erection will last as long as you desire. Typically, ejaculation and sensation will feel similar to how you feel before the transplant surgery. 

What is the recovery time for this transplant?

Penile Transplantation is same day procedure. One can go home after the transplant within two hours. Also, you can do normal activities within a week. You can do sex after six weeks of the hair transplant surgery.